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The goop Guide to Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be one of the most rewarding—and challenging—experiences for both mother and baby. For some, the process comes easily; for others, it’s the opposite and can lead to stress, even judgment. It’s a layered topic and one that Jennifer Lezak knows well. A certified lactation consultant, Lezak founded Milkmade, an ...

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When and Why to Give Your Baby a Bottle

While most new mamas love breastfeeding time with their new little one, most also look forward to the day their partner can take part in feeding the baby, too (usually late at night so mom can get a little sleep!) So naturally a burning question on many new parents’ minds is: When is it okay to give my baby a bottle? Most experts agree that ...

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Goal Setting for the New Year as a New Mama

Congratulations, Mama you survived the holidays with your new baby!  Right now the New Year is stretching out before you and ready to be taken on.   This is a perfect time to sit down and visualize how you want the whole year to go as you grow and nurture your family.  And rather than putting forward a strict set of resolutions, which to ...

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Kangaroo Care – Helping to Promote Successful Breastfeeding

Your body is your baby’s first home, and this relationship doesn’t need to end just because he’s out of the womb. Now out in the world, your babe wants to spend all of his time on top of your body. This is where he first learns about scent, touch, sight, hearing, taste and trust, along with many other things. Skin to skin, also known as ...

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Baby Center Q & A

            Below are some questions one of our lactation consultants Jennifer Lezak answered over on BabyCenter. We thought we would share them here too! Enjoy! Question 1: As a FTM, I’m nervous about breastfeeding! Right now i’m producing colostrum and by the time I wake up in the morning there is residue ...

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