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“Jennifer was there for me in my time of need. After my daughter tried the bottle at 3 months old, she boycotted breastfeeding for an entire week. I was so worried and didn’t know what to do. Jennifer reached out to me and gave me all kinds of ideas, which thankfully worked! She then continued to follow up with me. I felt extremely cared for and supported. I’m now expecting another in a few weeks and am grateful to have a such a knowledgeable and compassionate lactation consultant.” – Annie W.






“Jennifer was compassionate, understanding and above all, knowledgable. She helped me with issues both big and small. I loved how available she was for me–in our multiple meetings, she became a friend and confidante as well as the first person I turned to with any questions.” – Kristina D.


Miranda and Jake“I was fortunate enough to consult with Jennifer when my son was 2-3 months old. She was a huge support to me during this time, and helped me with various difficulties that I was experiencing, including overactive letdown, colic, and blocked ducts. What was really great was that Jennifer was so available to me; she got back to me quickly when I had a question or needed help, and she checked in on us frequently. Knowing I wasn’t alone to face those challenges was such a relief, and having an expert to share my experiences was amazing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jennifer. She offered expertise, compassion, and support above and beyond. Thank you Jennifer!” – Miranda G.





“My visions of breastfeeding were entirely different from what I actually went through. Never mind the sore nipples and the piercing pain that I felt every time she latched on, I just didn’t enjoy it. I also never produced enough. Through Jen’s encouragement I was able to BF for 7 months, quite to my surprise. The best thing that I loved about Jen was that there was never any pressure for me to have to and continue to BF, it was my choice. She was there to help and support me in every way that a new mother needs.” – Julie G.


michelle“After not having enough milk to feed my first child, I thought the same thing would happen with my second child. During my pregnancy, I was getting myself mentally prepared to bottle feed my baby, but luckily I had Jennifer to reassure me and encourage me. Consulting with her before my baby was born was a huge help and gave me the information I needed to start increasing my milk supply from day one. I talked to her on the phone from the hospital after the baby was born and she came to my house once we were home. Each time I met with Jennifer or talked to her on the phone, I felt so positive and confident about breastfeeding my baby. Her consultations were friendly and sweet. I could really feel her concern for me as a mom and her love of babies. During the first couple months of my baby’s life, I called and texted Jennifer with questions countless times and she was always quick to respond and put my mind at ease. My daughter is now 3 months old and I am successfully and exclusively breastfeeding!” – Michelle B.




“I am so happy that my daughter’s pediatrician referred me to Jennifer regarding the breastfeeding issues I was having upon her arrival. I unfortunately had a milk supply issue early on where the baby lost a good amount of weight post birth with the need to supplement with formula as well as issues I had with her latching and the inability to nurse from both breasts. Jennifer never judged the fact that I had to supplement with formula and provided great tips on increasing my milk supply.  Jennifer is proactive and checks in on a regular basis whilst answering the many questions I constantly have.  Her patience and calm demeanor really helped me through this because I honestly would not have been able to do this on my own.  Jennifer is awesome! I couldn’t be happier to have been put in contact with her and the fact that she’s a mama too, her tips and insights on various topics are truly
invaluable.  Thanks Jennifer!” – Stephanie R.


Sam S“I’m not sure what I would have done or what my breastfeeding experience would have been like without Jennifer’s help. She got me through painful clogged ducts AND helped me wean my newborn off of nipple shields (which was an absolute game changer for us). Jennifer was available any time for questions, big or small. AND she was always so quick to get back to me which as a new, concerned mommy I SO appreciated! Jennifer’s calm and encouraging tone was amazing too. Her advice, “Don’t obsess….to the point that you’re robbed of the joy of breastfeeding” has stayed with me and has been a great reminder at my most frustrated times!   Now my almost 4 month old is the healthy (about 16 lbs!) happy baby I always dreamed of thanks to Jennifer and her expertise!  I would recommend my “lactation angel” to any and everyone. She is now not only an excellent resource but a friend, too!” – Sam S.


“Becoming a mom for the first time is beautiful…and overwhelming. As is breastfeeding! There are so many conflicting opinions and advice – it could make you want to quit before you really even get started. Jennifer quickly helped me figure out a nursing strategy that worked for me and my reflux baby!! I highly recommend her services – she really took the specific needs of my baby into consideration. Her warmth and enthusiasm for nursing saved us!!!” – Tina N.


deedee“Jennifer was really helpful and compassionate when I went through difficulties with latching and breast feeding.  She always responded very quickly and had lots of solutions to offer.  She helped me build my milk supply when it was low, and gave me lots of other solutions for breast feeding difficulties I had.  She was supportive of my decisions and very kind when I felt frustrated.  I can’t really say enough good things about her help.  After becoming a mom for the first time I felt confused and like I maybe doing everything wrong.  She was very encouraging in helping me figure out what I wanted.  I guess I can’t reiterate enough about how much that meant to me in such a transitional and intense time.  I was really nice to have someone to help me through the initially difficult times.  I would get advice from other people and would run it by her and really appreciated her down to earth approach.  If I have another child I would want Jennifer to help consult about nursing and feeding my baby again.” – Deedee C.




“I’m a first time mom and decided before my daughter was born that I wanted to breastfeed.  My daughter was born a month early, so I didn’t get the time I thought I’d have to do my research on nursing, lactation consultants, etc.  Before calling Jennifer, I hired another lactation consultant who came out to my house and spent 3.5 hours with me.  She went through a lot of theory about nursing and only spent about 45 minutes showing me actual positions and techniques.  Since this is a review for Jennifer, I won’t go into the judgy moments I had with this consultant.  I remember feeling just as clueless after the session as I did before, but decided to give breastfeeding a go with the info she gave me.  Fast forward 2 days later and I’m panicking because nothing is really working – everything hurt, my baby wasn’t eating enough and I was STRESSED.  I went back on Yelp and found Jennifer.  I called her that morning and she was at my door within a couple of hours.  I cannot emphasize enough how awesome Jennifer is.  Her approach is very simple and practical.  Within minutes of meeting her, she had my daughter latched on and was showing me how to hand express milk.  She was very encouraging and non-judgmental – everything I needed.  The session lasted about an hour and I was on my way to pain-free, enjoyable feeding sessions with my baby!  When my daughter hit 4 months, my milk supply started dropping and I reached out to both lactation consultants again (just wanted to get all the advice I could).  The first one replied that she would be willing to help for $120 visit.  No thanks.  Jennifer called me right back and talked me through the issue and dispensed GREAT advice that worked!  Jennifer is amazing, accessible, friendly, non-judgmental, and understanding.  I have recommended her to a couple of friends who are expecting and will continue to do so!!!  Thanks so much, Jennifer, for all of your help and guidance!” – Donna E.


IMG_3368“Being a first time mother, I had a lot of questions – about pretty much every aspect of breastfeeding and infant nutritional needs.  The first few days after my son was born were a little rough.  Feeding didn’t come easily, and as a result I ended up with cracked nipples. I was in a lot of pain. I read breastfeeding blogs and watched Youtube videos and still I just couldn’t get a comfortable latch. I was trying really hard, still in the throes of post-partum-hormonal-flux, feeling like a failure at something that appears so simple. When Jennifer arrived at our home, everything shifted. She put me at ease, and filled in the missing pieces of information, showing me all the places where a small adjustment could make a huge difference. She walked me through a bunch of feeding positions and tweaked them to work with my body; she took the time to watch me over and over again until I could get a good latch.  She also gave my wife and I tons of general information about feeding and infant needs. After a week of practice, my latch was much better, and my nipples were well on their way toward healing. This one visit was well worth the (very reasonable) cost of having her come out. But she went far and beyond.  In the weeks to come I had many many more questions come up. She answered all of my (many) texts and emails.  Always taking the time to give me full answers and help us problem-solve until we came up with a solution that worked. She helped me get past a series of clogged ducts. When I wanted to start pumping breast milk, she came out and showed me how to use the machine, and gave my wife tips on bottle-feeding. When my son’s diapers were suddenly filled with something out of a sci-fi movie, she helped us figure out what was going on and talked us through multiple solutions until one of them worked. Jennifer has been an invaluable support, allowing me to feel confident in all of my choices. Despite a number of obstacles, I never gave up on breastfeeding my son.  I owe a lot of this to Jennifer.” –  Alissa H.


“Jennifer was so wonderful to work with. She was incredibly responsive, flexible, and generous with her time. I felt so grateful for her kindness and generosity – she was a life saver for me as I was adjusting to new mamahood. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!”  – Christine M.


“As a new mother, I was hormonal, panicked, exhausted, and freaking out about a bad latch with my newborn and concerns that my baby got that way because of being given the bottle while in the hospital.  I met her first in the hospital and she already had a relationship with my OB (Dr. Francis Chang who is amazing!) so I felt like I could trust her and her expertise already.  I had other Lactation Consultant recommendations but Jennifer was flexible about coming out to visit me and I loved her calm demeanor that I reached out to her in my moments of utter despair.  Her calm demeanor and straightforward advice are invaluable to a panicked mother like I was in my first few weeks postpartum.  She dispensed advice and help in an empowering way and made me feel like all of my feelings and concerns were natural and some of the irrational ones unwarranted, without making me feel stupid or dismissive of my feelings.  (Sometimes it feels like some healthcare providers shrug off new moms’ craziness).  I still remember things she told me, even some advice she said in passing because she was so clear, caring, nonjudgmental, and knowledgeable.  I could not recommend her enough.  My lactation issues weren’t so bad in the bigger picture, but I feel like she treated me with the same care as someone who had more complicated issues.  If I have another kid and I had some breastfeeding issues again, I’d go back to her again in a heartbeat!” – Marissa D.

“I had heard that breastfeeding was initially uncomfortable, but after a couple weeks of unbearable pain and horrible damage due to a bad latch, I knew I needed help. When I met Jennifer, she was immediately so warm and reassuring, I knew that she would be the right fit to teach me how to make breastfeeding work, and guide me on my road to recovery (Seriously, my sweet baby did some DAMAGE). Also, after getting really sick, my milk supply dropped greatly, and she gave me great advice to boost it back to normal. She checked in with me along the way, and when I emailed or text her with questions or concerns, I never had to wait long for a response. Thanks to Jennifer, breastfeeding is now a breeze!” – Adrienne B.



“Motherhood is life changing, I wish to share my journey with you. While I was pregnant, oh all the books I read! All the workshops, all the seminars, all the videos my husband and I studied, reviewed, discussed. All in anticipation for a healthy delivery. My husband took such great care of me, with healthy food every day, the extra vitamins and daily exercise, yoga and walks, I had never felt healthier in all my life! I went to my last yoga class three days before our baby was born. Amazing. And yet, nobody prepared me for the greatest challenge of my life: breastfeeding. I now believe it was a combination of my mom’s experience having been so carefree and easy, and my misconception that once a baby is born, voilà! The baby knows exactly how to feed, all on its own, wired to do so from birth. How wrong I was. I had a personal desire to breastfeed. And so, after the first few days of adjustment after our baby was born, I was thrilled to feel my milk come in, I felt all was working just as it should. Suddenly, what I thought was my baby’s automatism, became a very, very painful process. So much so, that I dreaded every feed, which at that point was every half hour, and tears would start rushing down uncontrollably. I had never cried so much out of sheer physical pain in my life. It hurt so much, and yet, the thought of my adorable baby going hungry was harder still. I kept doing it. It became a vicious circle. Our baby and I had to learn together. We had to do it as a team. He did not know how to latch on properly and I did not know how to help him. It took time. Jennifer Leak’s, our lactation consultant, help was invaluable. She not only reached our family’s breastfeeding goals, but she was always there when we needed her, for knowledge, support and encouragement. Jennifer offered great advice and left my husband, our baby and I feeling empowered. Our baby is now thriving, he is being breastfed as his mom and dad wished and thanks to Jennifer, we have been able to accomplish the first greatest experience of our new life together as a family. Our infinite thanks to Jennifer, we love you.” – Blanca L.


Jennifer was such a big help to me! I was having a hard time keeping up with my newborns constant feedings and was having a lot of pain from improper latches even after working with nurses and consultants in the hospital. After meeting with Jennifer I’m now able to relax and even enjoy breastfeeding with my son. What a gift. I still have some work to do but she freed me from my breastfeeding pillow, my rigid holds, and my painful latches. I wish I’d called her sooner! Two days later and I’m nearly healed and it’s getting easier and more enjoyable every day. – V. Wall


Liz v

 “Jennifer was recommended to me by Dr. Symms at Tribeca Pediatrics (who is also great!) when my baby lost too much weight initially.  After a delivery that was full of surprises, I felt relieved in the hospital when she latched easily; I thought I at least had breastfeeding under control.  So it was just another surprise to find out my supply was pretty low.  But then Jennifer gave me a specific, detailed plan tailored to my needs that I could implement and follow.  This allowed me to regain a sense of control and also brought about the desired results.  My baby was much happier when breastfeeding and got right on track with weight gain.  It’s not always easy – there are many hours spent pumping and making sure I’m taking all the necessary supplements in addition to breastfeeding – but Jennifer has made it feel worthwhile and her relaxed and encouraging attitude have made me feel even better about putting in the effort.  She continues to check in with me regularly and always responds promptly when I have a follow up question or concern.  I am grateful to Jennifer for helping me find confidence and a sense of ease in the early weeks of motherhood.” – L Vacco.


As a first-time mom I learned quickly that breast-feeding is a very personal, emotional, and often challenging experience.  When feeding with my son got off to a rocky start and he was losing too much weight, my pediatrician recommended Jennifer. I had already been receiving a lot of lactation support informally from my birth team, doctors, etc., however Jennifer approached breastfeeding from an incredibly relaxed and confident place, whereas a lot of the support I was receiving was much more panicked or frantic. She immediately put me at ease and made me feel supported and normalized the difficulty of the early weeks. When we met she taught me how to help my son latch in a way that nobody else had, and from then on we had zero latching difficulty.
The most helpful quality about Jennifer was how available she made herself to me before and after our consultation through phone, email, and text. I felt as though she had my back and took my worries and questions seriously. She was infinitely valuable to me in those first few very scary and overwhelming weeks! I now have a well established and relaxed breastfeeding routine with my son that I can thank Jennifer for helping to foster. – S. Kale



 “When I started working with Jennifer my nipples were severely cracked, I was in tears almost every time I fed my newborn daughter, and I never thought I would enjoy breastfeeding. Jennifer sympathized with me and shared personal stories and those of other mothers in my same situation. With the amount of damage done to my nipples Jennifer recommended that I take a 24-48 hour break from breastfeeding to pump and feed my daughter breast milk by bottle in order to let myself heal. Within a few days my nipples began to heal and the pain of each latch became less intense. I continued to work with Jennifer in person and through email to ensure that I was not re-injuring myself. Jennifer was quick to respond to my questions and easy to schedule other home visits. Working with Jennifer was like having a friend come over to help. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have Jennifer’s support. Breastfeeding my daughter is now my favorite part of the day!” – F Davis.


Jennifer helped me within one consultation to enjoy breast feeding. I struggled with the latch on which resulted into sore nipples and weight loss of my baby. With Jennifer’s guidance we overcame the challenge quickly. She is very responsive and was available to come by our house within 24hrs. I highly recommend her as a lactation consultant!  – M. Clausen


I am a first time mom who needed support breastfeeding and I continue to have numerous questions.
Jennifer came to the house to assist us and she was very supportive and helped show us positions and set up to use the pump properly.  Since she has been available to answer several questions and continues to be supportive.  We cannot thank her enough. – M. Matsukawa


I was cocky and thought since my baby had a good latch I wouldn’t run into any problems. Jennifer was immediately available and so understanding when I inevitably ran into problems with supply and a fussy baby. She was also able to help with pumping questions, a sudden blocked duct, and inexplicable nipple chomping. She was always patient and interested and checked up on us to make sure all was well. I cannot recommend Jennifer enough! – Z. Buck


jonesJennifer was truly a lifesaver for me postpartum! I had seen multiple lactation consultants and nurses while in the hospital after giving birth and none truly spent the time to help me solve the painful latching issues I was having. I called Jennifer out of desperation as I was about to throw in the towel with breastfeeding and she was at my house first thing the next morning. Within seconds I felt so comfortable and could tell she was there to save the day! She spent so much time going through the process with me until we got it right and no longer had a painful latch. She also spent time thoroughly coaching me in many different positions and holds and even showed me how to use and clean my breast pump, none of which I was expecting, truly above and beyond! She was so so helpful and nurturing and I am eternally grateful for her expertise! I now have such a wonderful breastfeeding experience and I truly owe it all to her. She has since followed up with me and checked in multiple times to see how our journey is going and has been quick to answer any questions I’ve had. I can’t recommend her enough, thank you so much!! – P. Jones

My pediatrician recommended Jennifer on my first visit after giving birth.  I was really shy and reluctant about breast feeding. It was extremely painful, and it was not as easy as I anticipated. Jennifer was gentle, kind and understanding. Her patience with me and my baby was much appreciated. I highly recommend her expertise, you won’t regret it!! – Koren C.


Jennifer was a lifesaver when I developed painful mastitis. She helped me feel calm and work through the problem. She also was very helpful when I went back to work and transitioned into pumping most of my baby’s milk. She is never judgmental and instantly makes you feel more confident. Even when I ultimately had to start supplementing with 1 bottle of formula a day, she was supportive and made me feel so much better about how hard it is to keep supply up when pumping.  Breastfeeding is such a personal experience, you really want the person supporting you to be the type of person you could be friends with and Jennifer is just that. – J. Willis


After leaving the hospital I was feeling overwhelmed having received a lot of different advice from the nurses and lactation consultants at the hospital. I called Jennifer the day after  leaving the hospital and immediately felt better after speaking to her on the phone. She was able to come over a few hours later. She showed me some new positions, weighed the baby before and after to make sure he was getting enough milk, showed me how to use my pump, and left me with some helpful literature. Since the visit she has been available via text, phone, and email to answer any questions that I have had. She is awesome and I am so glad I was able to find her! – K. Inocente



Jennifer an invaluable resource in the early months as I was navigating breast feeding, low weight gain and a milk protein issue. I would have been lost without her guidance of what to expect as baby or older – I read her emails so many times I almost have it memorized! She was wonderful and smart about everything. She replied very quickly, which as a new mom it’s great to have someone you can call or text and get a prompt reply from! She was always all about what I wanted. I felt fully supported and learned so much from her. – J. Shovel



Jennifer is a wonderful lactation consultant.  She immediately came to my house after calling her and gave great advice for my oversupply issue in the beginning of my breastfeeding experience.  She was very attentive through email afterwards. She came again to my house and gave great advice for my colicky little one. She is very supportive and caring. I would highly recommend her to all of my friends. – C. Martinez


I’m on my second kid and have seen about four lactation consultants but saw Jennifer today and wish I’d met her first. She’s incredibly competent and wise as well as funny and real. Her amazing skills shone all the more because yesterday I hired a different consultant who was suggesting that my baby was in need of cranio sacral therapy as well as surgery to laser the frenulum. While I’d be open to these suggestions, we hadn’t tried basic yet- these were suggested before my latch was even looked at.  I’m so glad I followed my gut and called Jennifer. She contacted me quickly and set up an appointment with me right away. She fixed my problem with adjustments to my latch and gave me nipple shells and a shield free of charge. I feel so much more hope now that my baby and I will be able to continue nursing. -L.Rondeau


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